Gorean City of Ti – Where BtB Comes Alive

There are few things in life that compare to finding your Home Stone. The City of Ti on Second Life is the Gorean Home Stone you have been searching for.

Ti is the capital of the Salerian Confederation, a group of cities that exists on the North bank of the Olni river. Throughout it’s history on Second Life Ti has been built and fallen numerous times. The current incarnation of the City of Ti is one that is roleplaying the rebuilding of this great city.

As a Gorean Roleplay Environment we make no apologies for the fact that it is strictly “By The Book” and an adult environment. Our focus on being a “By The Book” city and our attempt to stay as close to the books as is possible, this is what defines us.

We always welcome new citizens, as each is a new chapter in our story and valuable to the city as a whole. Each person is encouraged to find a unique viewpoint that they want to express, and avoid being a clone of every other person on Gor.

Make no mistake, we will expect you to be the role you choose. No matter if you choose warrior, slave, scribe or peasant, this is what you must strive to be the best of. You must be an adult, act like an adult, and interact like an adult to be among us. We tolerate nothing less.

Do you think you have the depth of experience, or the depth of curiosity to become one of us? If you do then follow your feet to the City of Ti, and become what you have always wanted to be.